We are enhancing the tradition of custom made clothes to meet the lifestyle of modern women. Empress Co. was founded to offer women a solution to their frustrations with fast fashion. We make professional womenswear just for you. You are a crucial part of the process!


Don't you want to take part in the beauty of being measured, styled and having clothes made just for you? We ethically source fabrics from the highest quality mills in Italy and Britain. Our clothes are cut, sewn and assembled here in the Greater Toronto Area!


Our Stylists

Our team of talented fashion students guide you to your perfect fit and style. They’re your new BFF who isn’t afraid to give you an honest opinion on what looks good on you. No need to spend hours on your feet at the mall searching for the perfect outfit.


Our Tailors

They are experts in cutting, sewing and hand crafting fabric into the perfect suit, dress and workwear just for your body and lifestyle.